100 Days of Code

The goal: make silly things as fast as I can come up with them.

Day 1: The Beginning of Time

I realized yesterday that I had no idea how PHP pages are put together so I put together a few basic template files to make the Make Stuff Do Stuff pages. I also banged my head against a wall with Bootstrap for a while. And finally, I used a little Javascript to let you know what time it is. >> The Beginning of Time

DAY 2: The Two hour Bot and the MongoDB Part 3

I spent two hours today building a Google Spreadsheet Slack bot that would tell people when they need to update their project statuses in our team’s project list. I found a very helpful Google Spreadsheets/Slack Bot Library to which greatly reduced the amount of time to launch. The source code for that library was my first encounter with Coffeescript… wtf?? MongoDB is making more sense. I am writing code that accomplishes what I want on the first go rather than the ∞ go.

DAY 3: PHP is a comfortable Pair of Sweatpants

WordPress didn’t save my changes so I’ll write this tomorrow.

DAY 4: Live!

Two days in a row WordPress did not save it. Day 1 is live and I’m happy.

DAY 5: On the Fifth Day He Rested

Some lectures on MongoDB. Nothing besides realizing the bootstrap header looks funny on mobile.

DAY 6: PyCon HK Day 1

Pycon all day. Mostly ElasticSearch and IPython. See #pythonhk.  An evening wondering why Google Maps is hidden in my bootstrap page.

DAY 7: Python HK Day 2

Started with morning implementing ElasticSearch on a Django setup. Both have interesting paradigms. The fact that I was able to get it all up and running represents a real milestone… or maybe that I was just really lucky today. Had to answer the question “why don’t you use a framework?” Ugh. Getting there.