This tool allows to step outside of the columns and rows of a keyword research spreadsheet and group your keyword by in more natural, semantic way. The interactive tree visualization provides new perspective on you keyword lists and makes it easy to spot keyword similarities and opportunities. Just paste in your keyword list, and the keywords will be grouped based on the words that they have in common.

The metrics associated with each keyword are summarized by the size and order of the tree nodes. You can also reorder a keyword phrase based on the the overall frequency of each token. You can label whichever groups you like and when you are done, you can download a CSV file of you grouped keywords.

To start...

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1. Data Settings

Paste in your keyword spreadsheet to get started. Columns must be labeled for accurate results.

If you need fake data copy it from here.

2. Layout Settings

Set/update the display of the keyword data.

3. Visualize

Show/update the keyword tree diagram.

Then adjust the visualization display.

Paste and setup your data, then click "Visualize" to display the keyword tree visualization.

4. Download your keyword groups CSV

When you have finished grouping you keywords, download the entire keyword lists with groups as a CSV file.

You're feedback is greatly appreciated.

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