IFTTT + NFC Tags: a Maker Channel Tutorial

I geeked out recently over the Android task automation app,  Automate. The reason I got so excited was that it provided a very elegant solution for creating a custom NFC sensor for a project I’ve been working on. What I also came to find out was that Automate opened up a lot of possibilities beyond this project.

Automate can be easily extended to prototype a ton of IoT projects. This tutorial shows how your Android phone can easily connect your physical world to any cloud service with a mashup of NFC, Automate and IFTTT.

Android IoT Automation with IFTTT

Example Use Case: NFC Enabled Sustainable Clothing Care

The project I’ve been working on is about improving the quality and sustainability of personal clothing care by instrumenting clothes with NFC tags. This way a clothing owner can be more careful about how they wash their clothes and more mindful about how they wear them. I had been looking for a good way to prototype this solution and my first idea was to create unique ID QR codes for all my clothing but that was a bit cumbersome. I had thought to wire up an Arduino but that seemed like a lot of work just for a prototype. I finally realized that the best way to build this prototype was sitting right in front of me.

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