Ecommerce Analytics Consulting

Every ecommerce business model can benefit from the collection and analysis of customer, competitor, and website data. I love the challenge of the competitive ecommerce environment, and I take pride in helping businesses collect, understand, and realize the value of their data.

Gain Visibility into Business Performance

Ecommerce analytics is part and parcel of an ecommerce business’ strategy. So ecommerce analytics consulting begins with a map of the business model, the products, and the current and prospective customers. From there, blind spots are identified, and quantitative and qualitative data collections begins to gain visibility into the present state of business operations.

Identify Opportunities; “Build, Measure, Optimize”

The central value of ecommerce analytics is to put a business in a position to identify opportunities areas and to propel a cycle of data-driven experimentation and optimization. Data collection and experimentation can open opportunities to:

  • Maximize the influence of each brand touchpoint through the customer decision journey
  • Reduce friction in an ecommerce website’s conversion funnel
  • Find the optimal balance between acquisition and retention efforts for the business model
  • Improve brand virality by listening to what creates customer satisfaction
  • Increase customer lifetime value by analyzing the drivers of customer retention
  • Reduce the cost of customer acquisition by analyzing the cost-effectiveness of incentives
  • Optimize ROI of online and offline advertising
  • Maximize order values by informing conversion optimized content and merchandizing

Each strategy will have a different effect magnitude. Using analytics is essential to maximizing the gains of ecommerce efforts.

Let’s find and exploit growth opportunities

Ecommerce Analytics Services

Digital Marketing Measurement Strategy

Enable a data-driven decision-making environment by identifying critical success factors, designing metrics, instrumenting data collection, and making data available via dashboards and alerts.

Customer Segmentation and Data Enrichment

Improve targeting and personalization of email and social media marketing by segmenting customer groups based on demographics, purchase history, and website use.

A/B Testing and Optimization

Iteratively improve conversion rates and session value by removing barriers, reducing friction, and increasing trust and motivation by testing website features and content.

Web Analytics Tracking Implementation

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce has proven to be an extremely beneficial tool for identifying weaknesses and opportunities in ecommerce stores.  Implementation is a complex process with a lot of variables so properly mapping the ecommerce website is crucial.

Remarketing Platform Implementation

Remarketing at the product level with Facebook Dynamic Ads Google Dynamic Remarketing is the most effective way to re-engage website visitors. This granularity comes at a cost of complexity. Like Enhanced Ecommerce, properly mapping the ecommerce website is crucial.

Heatmap and Session Recording Implementation

Gain insights into the “Why” of customer behavior. Visual analytics tools provide a full view into optimization opportunities and can provide value almost immediately.

Ad Hoc Analysis and Regular Reporting

Ecommerce data is only valuable when it creates insight for those who can make improvements. Knowing how data is collected and processed makes it possible to extract the full value from the data and knowing how to display the data makes it accessible to everyone.

Let’s transform your data into value