Is SEO Dead?

I think this is a funny thought. I also think the fact that SEO is even a thing is funny. But what would be really funny is if you found this page from the Google search, “SEO is dead.” That would then call in to question the notion that SEO is dead in the first place. But that is neither here nor there. Anyway, to be abundantly clear, this page is all about search engine optimization and the fact that it is dead. RIP SEO.

What types of SEO are dead?

Every kind of SEO is dead. Here is the full list of dead SEO strategies and tactics:

SEO Strategy: Dead

The structured approach of determining what opportunities exist, estimating the feasibility of capturing these opportunities, and prioritizing the efforts to achieve your goals through SEO is dead.

Keyword Research: Dead

The critical piece of, now dead, SEO strategy that weights the volume and competitiveness of different keywords against the value of the concepts that these keywords represent is dead.

SEO Analytics: Dead

Collecting data about how search engines crawl, index, and rank a site’s pages in order to make and improve decisions as they relate to organic search traffic is dead.

Competitive Research: Dead

Disassembling competitor’s websites and analyzing competitors’ performance in search in order to find weaknesses and opportunities to outcompete other websites in search is dead.

Technical SEO: Dead

Enabling efficient and comprehensive crawling from search engine bots, improving request speeds and caching, and optimizing HTML markup and structured data is dead.

SEO Copywriting: Dead

Writing copy in a way that targets specific keywords from, now deceased, keyword research in order to maximize user satisfaction and consolidate and clarify the intent of pages for bots is obviously dead.

International SEO: Dead

Maximizing the exposure of website content through search engines across the many geographic regions and languages of the world seems like it wouldn’t be dead, but it is.

SEO Experimentation: Dead

Testing the ever-changing ranking algorithms by modifying code and content in order to determine what practices are most effective for gaining search traffic is dead.

Image SEO: Dead

Ensuring that images are crawlable by search engine bots, optimizing metadata and relevance signals for images on a site in order for them to be found in image search results is dead.

Blackhat SEO: Dead

Using scalable but spammy tactics to generate lots of non-user-friendly content and links is actually dead. Give Google some credit.

Whitehat SEO: Dead


SEO is Dead

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