Hi, I'm Trevor.

I help businesses with Ecommerce Analytics

With over 10 years of ecommerce and digital analytics experience across ads, web, CRM, and finance, I’ve helped international marketplaces and ecommerce sellers discover millions in revenue opportunities.

Ecommerce analytics services

Web analytics implementation

Gain visibility into web performance ecommerce event tracking with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4 (GA4) 

Google Analytics 4’s ecommerce event tracking is critical for identifying weaknesses and opportunities in your ecommerce site.  Implementation can be a complex process with lots of variables so measurement strategy and planning crucial. I’ll help you set up your GTM data layer to track how customers interact with your site, products, promotions, and cart. I’ll also help you integrate session recordings and A/B testing tools to identify and improve performance issues.

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Google BigQuery setup
and data integration

Get a clear picture of your entire business by integrating data from your ads, online shop, and CRM in BigQuery. 

Google BigQuery is an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for housing all your ecommerce data in one place. I’ll help your tech team set up BigQuery, load data accurately, and model it in Dataform for comprehensive customer records and business reporting in the BI tool of your choice. I partner with Wilde for predictive customer analytics to make difficult future decisions easy.

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Business intelligence reporting
and ad hoc analysis

Accelerate the cycle data-driven experimentation and optimization with up-to-date reporting and deep dive analytics. 

How much time is your team wasting smashing together spreadsheets? I can help your team set up dynamic dashboards in a BI tool like Looker Studio or Tableau so you can stay focused on outcomes instead of analysis. Get reporting on product sales, SEO and SEM performance, social ads budgeting, and website performance and engagement, customer CAC and LTV, market basket analysis, and email marketing.

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Customer segmentation
and data activation

Increase sales and reduce costs with dynamic targeting, smart recommendations, and data-driven automation. 

With new privacy regulations and email inboxes making growth more challenging, the only solution is to work smarter. I’ll help you integrate your customer data with advertising and email platforms to target high-revenue audiences with relevant incentives and timely offers. You’ll know you’re making smart decisions and taking the right actions when your automation is integrated with your analytics.

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Trevor is a deep thinker with a robust background in data analytics and data management.

Blake Janover
CEO, Janover (JNVR)

Frequently Asked Questions

Think of me as an analyst-as-a-service. You get all the benefits of an experienced staffer who is dedicated to the success of your business without all the complexity of hiring a full-time employee. I have deep experience working with engineering teams and can provide detailed specifications and precise QA. I work with IT stakeholders to ensure that data is appropriately governed and solutions are cost-effective. I work iteratively with marketing and finance teams to ensure that the most impactful analyses are completed first to maximize the benefits every engagement.

Most engagements are anywhere between a few hours a month to a half-time commitment to a project or interim management. Engagements that are less than 12 hours a month are billed at $200/hr and long term engagements can be as low as $150/hr. I’m also happy to be flexible with bootstrapped businesses, early stage startups, good causes, and good people.

First and foremost, I find immense satisfaction in helping people achieve their goals. Besides that, the breadth of my career, spanning agency work, management consulting, and startup growth leadership, allows me to draw from a wide range of experience. I’ve checked in production analytics code, run design thinking workshops, hired marketers, worked internationally, and played professional sports.