Data Strategy & Activation

I help clients realize the potential of their data with strategies that span from collection to activation.

With over a decade of experience analyzing and activating 1st party data, I have a keen ability to sense for signal in the noise—both in data and tactics. My experience ranges from tagging and tracking global retail sites to creating 1:1 personalized journeys for B2B SaaS customers.  As a data activation consultant, I bring the tactical experience and technical expertise to transform data into revenue.

Data Collection and Enrichment

Data quality is the foundation of every data application. This starts from the source.

I help businesses answer three questions: What data should we collect? How should we collect it? And how do we make it most actionable? To answer these questions, I take a holistic approach. I help clients balance the costs (time, resources, and customer experience) against the data’s potential. With this in mind, I’m able to consistently deliver actionable data with minimal waste.

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Data Integration

Consistency is the key to trust. This is as true in work as it is in data. 

I build trust in data by creating a consistent view of the customer across every layer of the customer data stack. Depending on the application, this could take different forms. Whether it’s event collection and tag management, point-to-point API integrations, or data warehouse-centric hub and spoke integration, I can deliver the data integration solution that meets your needs.

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Data Analytics and Experimentation

Data activation is only effective if you can understand it. Without well-designed feedback loops, data activation success is limited to luck.

I help clients understand their customers, their behaviors, their characteristics, and their potential. From these relationships and distributions, I distill insights that spark new perspectives and creative opportunities. I facilitate experimentation by providing frameworks for design and measurement. And I guarantee success, either through growth or information gain.

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Data Activation and Automation

Data and automation can augment anything. But without vision and strategy, most activity will have limited productivity.

Data activation strategy is the most valuable service I offer. But it’s not because of the power of personalization and automation. It’s because, with data, you can optimize and automate anything, but automation itself doesn’t creates value. And every optimization brings diminishing returns. Data activation strategy is about maximizing the leverage of your data at minimal costs.

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