Web Analytics Consulting

As a web analytics consultant, I take great pride in enabling clients to optimize their digital presence and their overall business with accurate and timely data. I work closely with clients through every project phase – from consulting and strategy to development and quality assurance. I take care of the details to ensure that the right data is collected accurately – the first time and every time.

Let’s collect the data that your success depends on.

Implementation Services

Web Analytics Tagging Implementation

Good insights require good data, but that’s just the beginning. Making data accessible and easy to work with means the data must also be structured thoughtfully and collected consistently. That’s why a well-planned tracking plan and clean tagging implementation are critical.

Every web analytics implementation begins with a strategic discussion about the underlying technology, the goals of the website, and the decisions that will be informed by the data. From there, a tracking plan is created that bridges the gap between tracking needs and the technical requirements.  Once all stakeholders are aligned, implementation begins. I generally prefer a prioritized and iterative approach that minimizes time to value and maximizes value for money. Live data starts flowing only when quality assurance is complete and the data meets business needs.

Let’s get the data flowing

Digital Ads ROI Measurement

Search engines, display networks, social media, and affiliates all offer unique opportunities to attract customers but each comes with its own measure of success. To accurately measure the ROI from each advertising medium, advertisements have to be accurately tagged and advertising spends have to be imported for apples-to-apples ROI comparisons.

Measuring ROI in analytics tools takes technical savvy, discipline, but most importantly planning.

Let’s measure your advertising success

Consulting Services

User Tracking

Understanding your users’ behavior is key to creating experiences that engage and websites that convert. User tracking can be done in aggregate and at the individual level.

Aggregate-level user tracking can be done with demographic information, custom dimensions, events tracking, and user timings.

Individual-level user tracking can be done with heat maps, screen recordings, surveys, and user identification.

Let’s get to know your users

Content Marketing Analytics

Content creation is too expensive to be done without purpose. Smart content marketers know that content tagging and analysis is essential to providing content creators with the direction they need.

Content topics, keywords, imagery, layout, metadata, and schematic markup are just a few attributes of website content that can be recorded from a CMS as custom dimensions.

Knowing what attributes to optimize and in what way will ease content creation and increase content effectiveness.

Let’s surface content insights

Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics

For e-commerce sites, there are as many questions as there are levers to pull. Ecommerce analytics is key to ensuring that marketing, merchandising, messaging, and offers are optimized.

Tracking tools like Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce offer high-fidelity insights into every aspect of an e-commerce store but are as difficult to implement as they are insightful. It is risky to be left at the hands of programmers who have an endless backlog of other tasks to complete.

Let’s measure your e-commerce success

Customer Journeys and Conversion Funnels

If your site and your business lives and dies with the success of a single contact form, understanding user flows and conversion funnels is a must.

From advertising to site messaging, to phone calls, to chat windows, to lead forms, there is a long journey that your customers might go through. It is possible to have a clear picture of who your leads are and how your leads did or did not convert.

Let’s map the customer journey

Integrated and Omnichannel Analytics

Web analytics no longer has to live in its own box. New and constantly improving tools like Segment and the Google Analytics Measurement Protocol enable measurement across channels and platforms in both the digital and physical world. Anything that can be measured can be tracked and compared alongside Web and digital data.

Let’s bridge the O2O gap