Google Analytics Consulting and Support

There’s more to life than pageviews. Google Analytics has evolved into a fully customizable system that can provide high fidelity insights into the most complex applications. With customization, Google Analytics can be used to capture and analyze the data that matters most to your business, not just your web server.

As a Google Analytics consultant, I bridge the gap between your business, product, and development teams to enable you to collect the data that you need, in the tool that you love.

From single page apps, to multi-million dollar e-commerce stores, to custom built software, I have worked with teams to plan, implement, QA, and setup Google Analytics. With a focus on the business need, I bring a code-level knowledge of the tool’s capabilities and strategy-to-development expertise to every custom Google Analytics implementation.

Google Analytics Technical Services and Support

Account and Tracking Code Audits

Decisions based on inaccurate data can be worse than decisions based on gut feeling. There are many reasons, from account setup to tracking code implementation, which can cause Google Analytics to report inaccurate data. So it is essential to know how the data is collected to know that the data is collected correctly.

Account audits will give you the insight into how your data is being collected, and the confidence that you are making smart decisions based on accurate data.

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Measurement Strategy and Account Setup

Google Analytics is capable of tracking a broad range of data and user interaction. But implementing these capabilities can become very tedious and confusing. While a good developer is more than capable of implementing custom tracking, they may not have the time to learn the intricacies of the Google Analytics API. This can lead to confusing data and overreliance on developers.

A data collection strategy starts with the needs of the business, get’s translated into a technical implementation guide, and ends with comprehensive documentation that your team can rely on as a single source of truth.

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Implementation Consulting and Quality Assurance

Extending from the Measurement Strategy, a technical implementation guide is an end-to-end map of data input and output. Using either Google Tag Manager or standard Google Analytics javascript code, each custom data input, from events, to dimensions, to conversions, and everything in between is explained in code and in English.

Through the development process, I work with your development team to ensure that the data is consistent and accurate and that the implementation is future-proof.

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Ongoing Insights, Reporting, and Support

Your data tells a story. You just need someone to tell it. From custom reports, dashboards, and alerts, to the Reporting API and beyond, I can help your team understand your data in context and on time.

Conversion optimization, SEO, online advertising, conversion optimization, and usability can all benefit from thorough analysis. I can help your team surface the insights that enable optimization.

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