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I'm Your Fractional SEO Expert

With over 12 years of SEO experience, I’ve helped clients ranging from international marketplaces to B2B SaaS startups to DTC ecommerce sellers and even global social media sites.

As a fractional SEO consultant,  I ensure success by aligning SEO strategy with business goals.

I help clients across the entire SEO spectrum

SEO Strategy

An effective SEO strategy is a faithful extension of a business strategy. It aligns positioning, content development, and web strategy.

I love to help businesses understand what SEO should look like for them. It’s never a one-size-fits-all proposition. I uncover the intricacies of each client’s business models; how they deliver value, and how they generate revenue. With that context that I help clients define their competitive space and find out how to win. Then SEO strategy is a dynamic series of experiments to find value quickly and open new opportunities consistently.

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Content Planning
and Development

SEO should create a thoughtful balance between brand reputation and business metrics. Traffic quantity should never be sacrificed for content quality at any scale.

I’ve optimized pages that create millions in revenue, and I’ve built hundreds of thousands of pages for just dozens of targeted visitors. In every case, I strive to balance the searcher’s holistic experience, the brand’s reputation, and my client’s business goals. I’ve always seen that a user-centric approach leads to the best and most sustainable results. Because of this, I work with marketing and development counterparts to create experiences rather than chase keywords. 

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Technical SEO

Web performance and indexability should never limit of SEO success. Search engines should and should be seriously considered before, during, and after development.

I’ve been developing and building websites for over a decade, and I have a thorough and up-to-date understanding of how web development practices affect SEO. I’ve spent perhaps too much time geeking out about crowlers and browser rendering, cachingjavascript, and content management systems. I build websites just to test theories about performance just for fun. (I know it’s weird.) I take this curiosity and test-and-learn attitude to every fractional SEO role and consulting engagement.

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SEO Analytics

Analytics is an essential component of SEO success. Without capturing and  analyzing relevant data, it’s impossible to ensure that you’re building in the right direction.

My experience in analytics is broad and deep. Data first captured my fascination when I created my first website, and it’s since become the foundation of my career. I recognize the potential and limitations of data at every scale, from aggregate keywords analytics in BigQuery down to initial seed keyword research. I even built a tool called keywordclarity.io as an aid to analyze high-cardinality keywords and plan out semantic information architecture.

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Trevor is really helpful at focusing and tuning growth innovation.

Tela Andrews
CEO, Markopolo.ai

Frequently Asked Questions

Think of me as SEO-as-a-service. You get all the benefits of an experienced staffer who is dedicated to the success of your business without all the complexity of hiring a full-time employee. You get 100% of my expertise with capacity that can be scaled up or down based on your needs. Plus, you get a fresh, objective view of your SEO program and access to specialized tools and resources. So, if you’re looking for an efficient, results-focused SEO solution, I’m your fractional SEO.

Most engagements are anywhere between a few hours a month to a half-time commitment to a project or interim management. Engagements that are less than 12 hours a month are billed at $200/hr and long term engagements can be as low as $125/hr. I’m also happy to be flexible with bootstrapped businesses, early stage startups, good causes, and good people.

First and foremost, I find immense satisfaction in  helping people achieve their goals. Other than that, the breadth of my career, spanning agency work, management consulting, and startup growth leadership, allows me to draw from a wide range of experience. I’ve checked in production code, run design thinking workshops, hired marketers, worked internationally, and played professional sports.