Find WordPress Category IDs

This is the easiest way to find category IDs for a given WordPress site. Enter the domain of the WordPress site, and the tool will provide a table of category names (with links to the category pages) and category IDs. If the site’s API is not configured, it will provide an error message indicating that the tool requires a functioning WordPress API.


  1. Enter the Website domain URL: You simply input the URL of the WordPress site you’re interested in.
  2. Click “Get Ids”: The tool will find the site’s categories and category IDs from the WordPress API.
  3. See the Results: The tool will display a list of category names and their corresponding IDs.
Find WordPress Category IDs

Take the Magic Out of Category Management

Categories are essential functionality for WordPress development and content management. If you’re a developer, you’ve surely found yourself needing to know which category ID is which to create custom queries to display posts from specific categories. This is particularly useful when developing custom themes or plugins where you need to filter content dynamically. Category IDs are also needed when editing the functions.php file to add custom features or to conditionally apply styles and scripts to certain categories.

For non-developers, understanding category IDs can simplify various aspects of WordPress management. Many plugins, such as SEO tools or content display widgets, require category IDs to configure settings accurately. By knowing the category IDs, non-technical users can easily set up plugins to include or exclude specific categories without needing to delve into complex code.

Happy categorizing!

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