Find WordPress User IDs

This is the easiest way to find user IDs for a given WordPress site. Enter the domain of the WordPress site, and the tool will provide a table of user names (with links to the author pages) and user IDs. If the site’s API is not configured, it will provide an error message indicating that the tool requires a functioning WordPress API.


  1. Enter the Website domain URL: Simply input the URL of the WordPress site you’re interested in.
  2. Click “Get Ids”: The tool will find the site’s categories and user IDs from the WordPress API.
  3. See the Results: The tool will display a list of user names and their corresponding IDs.
Find WordPress User IDs

Always Remember Your User ID

User IDs are a big part of WordPress, but they are a hassle to remember. They are used to assign permissions and display content tailored to specific users. When configuring plugins, user IDs help manage settings and preferences, ensuring notifications reach the right users. Having user IDs simplifies bulk user management tasks, like updating roles, deleting multiple users, or exporting data. They are also essential for running precise database queries to find or update user-specific information.

From a security perspective, user IDs help track changes, monitor activities, and implement effective security measures. They are crucial in API interactions, ensuring accurate data handling. Lastly, knowing your user ID helps personalize your experience on the site based on individual preferences.

I hope this helps simplify your WordPress management!

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