About Me

Hi, I’m Trevor. I am a digital native with a curiosity about the implications and applications of new and disruptive technology. I approach problems with a user-focused perspective, an analytical mindset, and team-first attitude. I believe in the power of open source and love to share my passion for learning.

I want to solve new problems with new technology by networking people and things.

(Let me break that down)

Solve new problems

I embrace the unknown as an opportunity. As new levels of access, connectedness, and speed change how we live and think, there is more space than ever for creativity; and also need for reflection. I believe in experimentation to validate new learnings in order to create what is better, not just what is new or different.

with new technology

I am inspired by the creativity of our growing digital world. I embrace every chance for exposure to new languages, paradigms, or approaches. The challenge of balancing between, new or proven and quick or scalable is interesting, but I think the challenge of creating a prototype that accurately tests assumptions is more interesting. I believe in data of all sizes to help evolve ideas as they live.

by networking people

I am an entrepreneur that recognizes that no one person is capable of learning, and much less building, at the speed of change. Therefore, the value of efficient networks is continually increasing. I enjoy this as an opportunity to learn the multiple languages used by tech, design, and business partners. And I strive to improve the interconnectedness and interoperability of everybody I work with.

and things.

I see the power of billions of previously autonomous humans, networked by the Internet, as a fitting metaphor the future of connected things. The volumes of new data that connected things will generate excites me and I am eager to find ways for this data to improve our lives.

I love digital. I’m doing this even when I’m not getting paid.

Concrete Stuff

I have been working with data since I was a teenage baseball player. Since then, I have been improving my ability to collect, manage, interpret, and share the implications of data of all sizes and shapes.

I have been programming for five years; since I realized I could capture nearly any user interaction in Google Analytics with Javascript. I have done some serious projects and a lot of silly ones in Javascript, Python, R, PHP, MongoDB and SQL. The focus of these projects have spanned from purely UX experiments, to Web apps, to workflow automation and I enjoy the challenges and decisions associated with each one.

I have a degree in Communications and a minor in  Philosophy from University of California, Davis. I love questioning, exploring, writing, teaching, and coaching. Over the past few years, I have been hungrily improving my knowledge and skill in business, math, management, programming, and knowledge sharing.

I am from beautiful Portland, Oregon and I have lived in Hong Kong, Holland, and Australia. I speak conversational Spanish thanks a couple younger years in Puerto Rico and some Australian English. I love learning language and culture.

If you are interested in connecting, please feel free to reach out via social (Twitter, LinkedIn) or email. If you would like to keep up on my projects (serious and silly), let me know who to send the emails to below.

Thanks for stopping by!

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