Looker Consulting and Support

Let’s face it. Looker is a beast. Getting the most out of Looker requires expertise and experience in data modeling, dashboard design, and data analysis. This is where I come in. I partner with Andrew Searson to provide Looker consulting to ensure that your organization is using Looker to its fullest potential and getting the insights you need to make informed decisions.

Whether it’s implementing Looker from scratch, building out new LookML models and views, designing new dashboard experiences, integrating with other tools and platforms, or creating custom solutions, You can rest assured that your Looker instance will be well-designed, efficient, and user-friendly. And best of all, you’ll have somebody to speak with if you ever have a question.

Looker Technical Services and Support

Looker Account Audits

Decisions based on inaccurate data can be worse than decisions based on gut feeling. It’s easy to let Looker development run wild over time. With multiple developers at varying skill levels, the code quality has the potential to degrade over time—and that’s not saying anything about the trust!

Account audits will give you insight into how your data is being transformed and the confidence that you are making smart decisions based on accurate data.

Let’s clean up your data

Looker Implementation and Setup

With years of experience across multiple Looker instances, I can help you configure Looker to match the specific needs of your organization. Let’s take a deep look into your data sources and business needs and design a Looker implementation that will meet your requirements.

Not only will your Looker implementation be self-documenting, but I will also provide comprehensive documentation and train your team on the new implementation.

Let’s get it right the first time

Dashboard Design and Development

Need custom dashboards? Better exploratory experiences? Accessibility is the first step toward insights into your business metrics. I can work with you to identify the most important metrics for your business and design and develop dashboards that provide visual representations of these metrics.

Through collaboration and iteration, we’ll create the most accessible solution for your business.

Let’s turn insight into action

Ongoing Training and Support

I want to make sure you get the most out of your data. I’ve worked with all kinds of stakeholders, and I have the keys to unlock effective Looker usage. I provide my clients with training and support to help you and your team use Looker effectively. I can offer training sessions to help you get started with Looker, as well as ongoing support to help you troubleshoot any issues that arise.

Let’s unlock the insight, creativity, and business growth in your data.

Let’s turn data into insight

Data Integration and Engineering

I can help you integrate Looker with other tools and platforms in your technology stack, such as data warehouses, ETL tools, and BI platforms. We can work together to ensure that your data is flowing smoothly between systems and that your reporting and analysis are based on accurate, up-to-date data. I’ve seen all kinds of data stacks, and nothing surprises me anymore…  I have a team of experts who can help you strategize and execute toward a fully integrated analytics stack.

Let’s get the data flowing