7 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Testing and Optimization

Crafting successful tests is as much about clever ideation as it is about skillful execution. These seven Chrome Extensions should be in every optimization craftsperson's toolbox.  They help simplify the technical tasks, expedite the mundane tasks and optimize the whole creation process.  Add them to your toolbox and work smarter, not harder!

Systematize: UX Check

This brand … Continue Reading ››

Guide to Enhanced Ecommerce Product Data & Collection

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce provides insight into Ecommerce site performance in detail that was previously impossible using standard Google Analytics methods.  In order to provide these insights, data  is collected in a new and unique way. It is important to understand the breadth of Enhanced Ecommerce data collection capabilities in order to fully reach the insights that … Continue Reading ››

Automate MailChimp Reporting with Google Spreadsheets

I made it! I am finally a nerd. At the top of the MailChimp API there is a clear disclaimer: “Woah, Nerds Only!” Undeterred, I scrolled on to test my nerdy medal. The following is my account of navigating the well-charted waters of the MailChimp API and a tutorial on how to automate a … Continue Reading ››

Event Tracking on Squarespace Using Google Tag Manager

I am in “like” with Google Tag Manager and Squarespace for the same reason: they simplify and streamline the processes website design and Google Analytics implementation while maintaining power and functionality of the product.  For the old sliced bread analogy, they are the greatest things to come along since the knife. Continue Reading ››

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