WordPress Post ID and Permalink Finder

Use this tool to find the WordPress Post ID for a given URL. Enter the URL of the WordPress post, and click “Get Post ID”. The tool will check the page and provide you with the post ID and the post’s permalink like ‘https://trevorfox.com/?p=3086’.

Find WordPress Post ID

How to find a WordPress post ID

To manually check a WordPress post ID, you can navigate to the desired post on your site and view the page source. Look for the body tag with a class attribute containing ‘postid-‘. Alternatively, if you are logged in, you can edit the post and find the ID in the URL bar as ‘?post=ID’.

This tool automates the process of checking the HTML and searching for post IDs in the shortlink, canonical, and alternate link tags, as well as editor URLs.

Making WordPress Management Easier One ID at a Time

It’s common for non-developers and developers alike to need to find a WordPress post ID. These numeric identifiers are essential to everyday WordPress tasks. Some shortcodes require post IDs to display specific content within another post or page. Similarly, configuring widgets that display content from a particular post or setting up custom menu items that link to specific posts typically requires the post ID.

In addition, various plugin settings might ask for post IDs. SEO plugins may need them to customize settings for individual posts, while redirection plugins require post IDs to set up 301 redirects or other types of redirects for specific posts. Having easy access to a post’s ID makes it easier to organize and reference specific posts in your documentation or content strategy.

I hope this makes your life a little bit easier!

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