How I became a Technical Marketer

As you know, I love learning, and I am a huge advocate for self-service education. Recently, I had the honor of being interviewed on the Measureschool Youtube channel, where I got to share my path in learning and employing the technical side of digital marketing. We talked about some of the resources I mentioned in the series on Digital Marketing Technical Skills, and in the extended version, I share my fascination with Github and Push Messaging.

I hope the video encourages others to start and/or continue their technical learning journey!

Julian Jueneman also just launched a community called which is a great place to learn from and share with others who are diving into all things technical marketing.

Meanwhile, I have been slow on this blog lately, but only because I have been more involved in a couple of other projects:

  • Keyword Visualization Tool: I would love it if you tested it out and provided some feedback on how it could be more useful. If you get Javascript errors, please share those with me too!  :*(
  • It is what the name implies. Learn about how to use Google Apps Script to make networked data solutions for yourself!
  • A fake-fake news site that allows you to make up stories and share them on social media to see how many people will click them. Here is the Medium article about what I learned in the process. Pretty crazy stuff!

Never stop learning!

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